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I am a student at YRGO - Digital Design that has the aspiration to one day work as a Video editor / Motion Graphic Designer.
Currently I am on the look for an internship, starting late november.


"Do it and do it again and again,
til' you can't do it wrong."

Lesson's learned from the days of practicing skate tricks as a kid and later on becoming a sushi chef as a young adult.




Lately I have spent many hours listening to Lo-fi beats and retro wave radios while I work on the computer. I thought it was about time to learn some 3D and made this.

Tools used:
Cinema 4D
Adobe After Effects

Blackstar herovideo

I made a herovideo for a school project.
We made a launching page for an electric vehicle and needed to convey a feeling of energy, excitment and tech.

Tools used:
City shots with my DSLR
‍Stock footage
Adobe Premiere Pro

Munchie cuisine et bar.

Happen to end up in Chamonix, France?
Go eat at the restaurant I used to work at as a chef. The food is Asian Fusion, the best ever.

Tools used:
Nikon D3200
Adobe Premiere Pro


Do you want to be my sensei?

Do not hesitate to get in touch with me if you'd like me to do
my internship with your gang. Hit me up!